Phillips 66 Aviation

Once a year, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh holds an event that showcases airplanes and celebrates the pilots and enthusiasts who love them. Phillips 66 Aviation sponsors this event, and purchased a 2-page spread in a magazine to promote it. I was provided with an image that they took to use in the ad, so I opted to worked with a retoucher to make it, for lack of a better word, "epic". The ad encapsulates what the event is all about: Amazing airplanes. 


Design & Art Direction—Colin Mumbach
Copy—Taylor Foran
Photo Retouching—Chris Bodie

Bertolli Olive Oil

We were tasked with creating an advertisement that promoted their new product; a 100% olive oil non-stick spray. No propellants, no additives. We decided the best way to convey this was through a 100% graphic made of olives. I worked with a retoucher to achieve the effect, and utilized the concept across and array of print and digital media. The new product saw great success as a result.


Creative Direction—Kerry Babb
Design & Art Direction—Colin Mumbach
Copy—Kyle Jones
Photo Retouching—Digital Imagery Group

MS Society

For the past 4 years, the National MS Society has hosted a Chalk the Walk event for middle schoolers to compete to create cool sidewalk chalk artwork in order to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis. In the event, the students are educated on the effects of MS, and are asked to create brightly-colored projects that stress the notion of unity in the battle against the disease. I had the opportunity to create the identity for the 2014 event, along with collateral materials that included shirts for the students and signs to show where their groups gather.